Our Quality Policy


We undertake that we make halal production with good quality in line with the food safety principles using halal raw materials, and our principle is to be a model company for our CONSUMERS by offering healthy products, completely fulfilling their needs and expectations in timely manner, making sure the channels where these needs and expectations are to be notified to us are constantly open, focusing on their satisfaction, preserving the natural resources, following all environmental, health, working regulations, legislations and laws, using clean production technologies in order for pollution and wastes to be reduced at their source and conducting works for their sustainability, to be a model company for our BUSINESS PARTNERS by offering good quality, innovative, efficient, competitive and halal products and services on a regular basis, for OUR EMPLOYEES by providing the appropriate organization infrastructure wherein they can contribute to the system and regular support services and training opportunities, offering a modern working environment and working conditions, adopting the principles of product safety, health and environmental awareness, for OUR SUPPLIERS by establishing a collaboration structure with fair and solid foundations in accordance with commercial morality and ethical values and for the SOCIETY by conducting activities within the framework of a commercial approach consisting of halal production, packaging and sale that respects social values, the environment and human health and complies with the laws, and for this purpose, to inspect and improve our entire processes on a constant basis and to remain a model company as long as we are active.