About Us

Doğuş Gıda was founded in 1985 by Süleyman and Alpaslan Karakan, two brothers from the city of Rize, the heart of the tea industry. Founded as one of the first private tea companies of the sector after private institutions were permitted to produce tea in Turkey, Doğus food conveys its 30 years of know-how and experience to new lines of business .  

Having first started production with bulk tea, Doğuş food won the hearts of the consumers with its tea that suited the taste of the Turkish people, its ideal color and authentic odor, which are embodied in its motto “The Best Tea is Doğuş Tea".  In the succeeding years, driven by its superior understanding of quality, the company diversified its product portfolio to include tea bags, green teas, and herbal teas

In line with its horizontal growth targets in the food sector, Doğuş food is increasingly expanding its investments in sugar, tomato paste and chips categories in addition to the tea category.

While Doğuş food established one of the state of the most modern chips factory of Turkey at Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone and put its infrastructural and employment efforts aimed at the chips sector into practice, it made a move forward, acquiring 100% of the shares of Kraft Gıda, the owner of Patos, Cipso and Çerezos brands.    After the acquisition, it continues chips production under the name Doğuş Food and Beverage.

Having documented the importance it accords to quality with TSE, ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 22000 food safety certificates, Doğuş food reliably offers its consumers products which have been produced without the touch of a human hand under hygienic production conditions at EU norms.